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CIF's original website was given a fresh and updated design, then re-implemented in 2008 as part of an Internship Program through the Internet Professional Program at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The redesign created a more modern and efficient interface, improving user experience. The Internship Program will also provide enhancements and ongoing maintenance for CIF's website.

INP prepares students for employment in the Web industry, providing training in the skills and concepts critical for designers and developers. Interns in the program work together to plan, produce, and implement fully functional client websites.

Interns on the team for the CIF website initial redesign and development:

      Lars Anderson (2007), Web Graphic Designer

      Jan Hazekamp (2007-2009), Business Analyst, Information Architect, Web Developer

      Anne Finlayson (2007), Web Developer

      Sue Senn (2009), Web Developer

Kelley Gottschang, full-time faculty member of the INP department at WCC, oversees the Internship Program and advises the Interns.

This website and the updated logo was designed using the Adobe CS3 suite of products and was developed using hand-coded standards-compliant XHTML/CSS and PHP.