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CIF founder, Robert CarrThe CIF is pleased to publish the hundreds of nominations for the NOVA Award received since 1989, in a searchable database. This compilation provides a foundation of innovation on which all of us can build.

The innovations originated in more than 20 countries (see NOVA Award Winner locations in red on world map), and cover all facets of construction, including design, fabrication, construction, rehabilitation, labor, management, equipment, and materials. From simple tools to complex systems, innovation makes construction of higher quality that is less expensive, safer, more beautiful, less environmentally intrusive, and better understood and accepted. It helps preserve and renew the old and makes the new more enduring. It provides much of the spirit and challenge that excites and drives this great industry.

CIF encourages construction innovation by publicizing its successes. Nominations are short, so NOVA awards are accessible to busy people. The Jury screens nominations and selects some innovations for in-depth, confidential investigation. Based on this investigation, the Jury selects NOVA Award winners.

Descriptions of NOVA Award winners come from these in-depth investigations, as well as the original nominations. Descriptions of innovations not receiving the NOVA Award are based solely on the nominations. A contact is provided for each nomination so readers can obtain additional information.

The CIF does not endorse these innovations individually, but it emphatically endorses their strong overall impact on our built environment. The CIF is proud to present this compelling evidence of the breadth, excitement, and success of innovation in world construction. We thank those whose participation and support allow us to bring these short stories of innovation to you. We thank those who made the nominations to recognize and reward industry progress. We give our most special thanks to the construction innovators: not just those who win the NOVA Award, but those whose work is recognized in these nominations, and the thousands of others around the world whose innovations advance construction every day.

Robert I. Carr, Ph.D., P.E.
NOVA Award Founding Chair